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About Me

I believe that most business challenges can be resolved and business outcomes achieved through a well designed product with the end-users in mind.

Engineer by education, project manager by professional, I chanced upon UX Design many years ago. The interest came and went rather quickly as I wasn’t sure if I could break into this industry with my limited skills.

Luck has it that I landed in my current company where there isn’t a full-time UX Designer, and had the opportunity to be involved in redesigning many of the application’s workflows and UI components after receiving client’s feedback. It rekindled my passion and I started to hone my skills and apply what I’ve learnt from articles and videos.

I specialize in Product Design / User Research / Usability Testing – but absolutely love challenges from all disciplines! My experience as PM allows me to speak the stakeholder’s language and understand the business outcomes they are hoping to achieve from each project. I love to solve challenging problems by coming up with innovative solutions with my team of developers.

When I’m not designing, I will pull up a good book to read, or I will do pull-ups. I’m still aiming to be to the leanest Arnold Schwarzenegger. Other than that, I can be found hanging out with my family.

My logo

The logo is made up of my initials, D and L. It’s rotated 90 degrees clockwise to resemble my Chinese surname 呂.

The line connecting the two initials reminds me to connect to the users to understand the problems we are solving for them.


Omni HR Singapore, Current
Product Designer

Treehouse Finance Singapore, 2021-2022
UX/UI Designer

Claritecs Pte Ltd Singapore, 2019-2021
Product Designer + IT Project Manager

Growthwell Group Singapore, 2017-2018
E-Commerce Web Designer + Business Development

Freelance Singapore, 2016 – Current
Web Designer


  • Wilhelmsen Singapore
  • Tetra Excellence Consulting Pte Ltd
  • Qianyu Singapore
  • China Link Education Consultancy Pte Ltd
  • HDS Engineering Pte Ltd
  • Xenia Concepts Pte Ltd
  • Super Steel Pte Ltd
  • Super Bend Pte Ltd

I’d love to build something great together with you,
say hi 📬!